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For What Purpose May I Use Mikro'BALLOON?
Mikro'BALLOON has been developed as a ''New Age Hunger Management'' product. As a dietary supplement, it is safe to be consumed daily. It can be used before meals with water or any healthy beverage.
Do the herbal hydrogels swell in the shape of a bubble?
No. Bubble-shaped swelling does not occur. Herbal ingredients contain mucilages in their structures. Mucilages are hydrogel-like structures, have the ability to absorb water. There is a swelling similar to how sponges absorb water in micronized scales. Therefore, no visible swelling occurs.
Do the hydrogels within the Mikro'BALLOON swell in an uncontrolled manner?
No. They never swell uncontrollably. Herbal hydrogels swell by absorbing water. Thus, It is impossible for them to swell more than amount of the consumed drinks.
Does the Mikro'BALLOON cause congestion in the intestines?
No. Such a situation is quite out of the question. Herbal hydrogels are digested through the digestive system. Consuming the Mikro'BALLOON is as natural as consuming vegetables. 
How Do I get User Comments?
By clicking on the link above you can read user comments and also comment yourself. You can check out the "Frequently Asked Questions" section for other questions that you have in mind. To contact us, you may send us an e-mail using the '' Contact Us '' form. Your e-mails will be responded to as soon as possible. Click on '' Buy Online '' in the '' Products '' section to place a Mikro'BALLOON order. All major credit cards are accepted. The product , for which the payment is already made, will be shipped in 3-10 working days for all countries. You can track the products you ordered with the shipping number that will be sent to your e-mail address. Be sure to consider the 3-Box discount, where you can buy the Mikro'BALLOON for a very suitable price for a longer usage.
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